Springwater Farm

Springwater Farm, a family farm, is located in Albion Cross PEI. We raise Suffolk sheep for both their wool and meat.

We sell a variety of lamb meat cuts. Cuts include leg of lamb or racks which are great to roast. We have shoulder cuts and shanks great for braising and pieces popular for stews and curry dishes. Of course, we have the ever popular, classic lamb chops, and ground lamb.

We also tan sheepskins by using an environmentally safe tanning agent. We make unique and useful products like rugs, insoles, and seat cushions from the sheepskins.

A variety of lamb cuts and sheepskin products are available on farm and at the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market. Customers may also pre-order their favourite cut of lamb.

George and Melaney Matheson

Phone: 902-394-0674 or 902-583-2340