Canoe Cove Honey

Rich in iron and kissed by sea spray, the terroir of Prince Edward Island is infused in every jar of Canoe Cove Honey.

We believe our bees belong among the wildflowers, somewhere they feel free. That’s why all of our hives are placed within 10 kilometres of our farm on the Island’s south shore. Here, they feast on pasture land and wildflowers including Clover, Goldenrod, Aster, and Fireweed.

From flower to hive to jar, we honour nature’s perfection every step of the way. We don’t infuse our honeys with flavourings. We also strive not to remove any of the good stuff – nutrients, enzymes, antioxidants and the delicate layers of sweet flavour.

That’s why all of our honey is raw and unpasteurized. At its essence, it is a living food and pure bliss just the way it is.

Jennifer and Mickael Jauneau

Phone: 902-675-3690