Weedy Gardens

Weedy Gardens is a family operated market garden and bakery in the rolling hills of Millvale PEI.  Since 2006 Hans and Angel have been focused on a high quality of soil and vegetable, and much of this has been undertaken with environmental stewardship and next to zero fossil fuel consumption, also known as unable to afford a tractor and having muscle power.  They have grown a large variety of kitchen vegetables, and over the years their specialty has become garlic and salad mix.
Founded in 2012 at the Weedy Gardens farm, the True Loaf Bakery produces artisan sourdough baked goods.  All of their flours and grains are sourced organically and whatever is available locally is purchased locally.  Many fruits and vegetables are also purchased from organic island producers.
The company name Weedy Gardens is derived from the notion that it can be unpredictable how to navigate pests, droughts and other issues, but well maintained mono-cultures often fail at all of these challenges.  Sometimes having a weed problem is a blessing in disguise.
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