Ukee Cruthu

A lifelong learner and creator, Sarah’s evolution of art has seen many mediums but has most recently been inspired by flower collecting for monogram printing. Sarah graduated from Camosun College Applied Communications program in 2008 with Best Designer Award. She was introduced to Alternative Photography Methods at the Local Photo Lab in Dublin Ireland, while enrolled in a year long Photography Certificate program in 2011.  She Received the Bronze Metal In Dublin for the 2015 Irish Times Amateur Photographers Contest for her Monochrome photograph titled “The Temporary House Guest”. For the past 7 years Sarah has focused on the Alternative Photography method of Cyanotype Printing using collected botanicals, feathers and found objects. Recently her Botanical Exhibit “When you listen to the Flowers” showed at the Gallery Cafe 82 Great George St, Charlottetown in 2022, and her nature study “The Harvest: Cyan-o-Synthesis” was made possible by This Town Is Small at Receiver Coffee on Vic Row Charlottetown in 2023. Sarah hopes that printing with nature using Cyanotype Chemistry will help the world see the importance of plants and pollinators by seeing nature through a new light. She hopes this new awareness will help increase the care and mindfulness people feel towards this beautiful planet we all share together.

Sarah Nicole Dart (Ukee Cruthu)


Phone Number: 250-204-3239