Soul Root Farm & Panatea Apothecary

Soul Root Farm is a small market garden operation newly established on the shore of Cardigan Bay. Sheltered by the waves and the forest, our beautiful land hosts the ideal conditions to grow vibrant, nourishing and delicious produce. We aim to offer a wide variety of seasonal crops to the King’s County and Charlottetown area. Our goal is to feed our community while stewarding the land responsibly and promoting the regenerative local food movement.

We have established our market garden on an abandoned field, sheltered by 50 acres of mature coastal forest. The soil hasn’t seen any form of chemical agriculture in over 50 years and that’s how we plan to keep it. As we work our way towards organic certification, we practice regenerative land stewardship, aiming to leave the soil healthier than we found it. Our human scale operation uses no tractor or tillage equipment and we rely on cover crops and plant based amendments to feed our soil. In return, we receive an abundance of high vibration, nutritionally dense food.

Panatea Apothecary is a small batch apothecary creating organic herbal and mushroom medicine. The plants and mushrooms we transform have been our personal allies in health and a feeling of wholeness. My intention is to empower folks with access to natures plant offerings and craft them into high quality medicine. Every flower, leaf and mushroom are grown and harvested with love and care towards the entire ecosystem.


Nate Salee and Natalia Wozniak, Soul Root Farm

Social Media: @soulrootfarm (Instagram and Facebook)

Natalia Wozniak, Panatea Apothecary

Social Media: @panatea.apothecary (Instagram)