Younker’s Farm Fresh Produce

Island grown and imported fruits and vegetables. Younker’s Farm Fresh Produce; Ralph Younker 368-1304 email:

Weedy Gardens

Naturally grown produce. Weedy Gardens; Contact Hans 621-2542  

Taylor’s Taters

Quality vegetables, including 6 varieties of potatoes, carrots, parsnips and turnips Taylor’s Taters; contact Garth 583-2599; cell 969-9700 email:

Olde MacKenzie Farm

Island-grown vegetables Olde MacKenzie Farm; contact Kerry & Jeff 315-4625 email:

Maple Farms

Paula Red, McIntosh, Cortland Jonagold Apples, cider and popping corn. Member since 2001. Maple Farms; contact Barry Haneveld 838-2345, cell 968-8563 email: website:

Love Grass Farm

Love Grass Farm; Island-grown vegetables. Contact Paulette 902-629-1465 May-October Facebook:

Hughes Hill Farm

Hughes Hill Farm; contact Gary and Kelly Hughes 902-658-2652 Products: Potatoes, Greens, Vegetables, Strawberries, Free Range Eggs, Herbs, Preserves

Elderflower Organic Farm

Elderflower Organic Farm; Contact: Margie Loo & Dave Blum 659-2098 Our farm is a truly mixed farm with a variety of annual and perennial organic vegetable and fruit crops, livestock, a variety of sprouts, wheatgrass, and catgrass. Also veggie burgers, veggie sausages and other products made with our farm ingredients. We are now raising pigs….

East Isle Farms

Island grown Blueberries, raspberries, cranberries. Also selling fresh baked fruit pies. Contact John MacDonald 687-2621 or talk to Ann

D&S Sweet Potatoes

Island grown sweet potatoes, pesticide free. Homemade preserves. Contact Helen 651-2171

Cranbush Farms

Fruits and vegetables naturally grown and pesticide free. At market from May – November. Member since 1973. Contact Samantha and Phillip Lutwick 676-3044

Beamish Orchard

5 varieties of certified organic apples and cider. Maple syrup and related products.

Heart Beet Organics

Growing diverse organic vegetables with careful attention to quality, freshness, taste, nutritional value and sustainability. Also selling delicious Acadiana Soy tofu made from organic PEI soybeans. Our goal and philosophy is to leave the land better than we found it. To give back to the earth that sustains us each and every day. Member since…