Saturday Morning Treats

Market is the place to go to get your fresh baked treats! City View Bakehouse has a dazzling display, as does Angelika’s German Bakery and Steve The Breakfast Guy. Angel’s Breads has Cinnamon Twists, The Taco Farmers have vegan cookies. How to choose?

Garden Decor!

Looking for the right accent piece for your garden? Jackie Welan’s Willow Bend Studio has colourful original metal work pieces. So many designs, you’ll be sure to find the right piece for your home.

Market – The Place to go for Preserves

Need jam, honey, condiments, salsa? Our market has a huge selection of products. Sunshine Farm, J.J. Stewart Authentic Foods have the largest variety of products to tempt your palette.  Nature’s Bounty and The Doctor’s Inn also have a selection of jams and jellies.

Hot Chocolate for Cold Winter Days

Did you know you can get a Belgian Hot Chocolate drink from Pam’s Choc Full of Good’s booth? Also, you can get Hot Cacao Powder from Nurturing Essence Chocolate to make that special cup any time of day. Both delicious!