No more plastic bags!

As of July 1st, 2019, Prince Edward Island will no longer allow plastic bags! Please see the official legislative act to learn more: Plastic Bag Reduction Act

Bring your reusable containers and bags to the market!

According to this article:

The act contains a list of single-use plastic bags that will still be available for businesses to use and for consumers to expect.

  • Bulk food plastic bags for fruit, vegetables, nuts, candy or baked products.

  • Bulk plastic hardware bags for nails, bolts or washers.

  • Plastic bags for meat, poultry or fish and frozen foods.

  • Bags used for potted plants or to wrap flowers.

  • Packages for medical supplies or prescription drugs.

  • Big plastic bags for things that won’t fit in reusable bags like linens or bedding.

  • The bags that protect vehicle tires between changeovers.

  • Bags that cover clothing after dry cleaning.

  • The plastic bag given out when people purchase a live fish as a pet.


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